Creative Labs Gigaworks T20 PC/MP3 Stereo Speaker System

Enhance your audio experience with the GigaWorks T20 Speaker System from Creative. TheCreative Labs GigaWorks T20 2.0 Speaker System high-performance woven glass fiber cone driver delivers natural and accurate lower frequency response which is ideal for listening to music of any genre. The BasXPort enhances the lower mid range tones by efficiently channeling sound waves from the inner chamber to the soundstage. The featured cloth design Tweeter provides resistance to humidity and temperature changes for crystal clear high range tones.
About the size. The Amazon size numbers show the size of the box, not the speakers. I searched the internet and every site did the same thing. So upon ordering I didn’t know the width of the speakers. Here are the dimensions. Each speaker is 9″ tall X 3 1/8″ wide X 5 1/4″ deep. The box is 9 1/2 X 10 X 6. It was the 3 1/8″ width that was important to me.

– Good sound overall
– Front mounted Base, Treble, and Volume (also used to power on/off)
– Great looking
– Extra cable to hook up your MP3 player to the front input jack
– Earphone jack on front

– After all the adjustments I could make they still sound a little hollow to me but this is subjective. Hence the 4 stars instead of 5
– Smooth knobs can be slipery

Strengths: good design, great sound for 2.0 speakers. Weaknesses: a little pricy. Summary: High quality little speakers. Treble, Bass control. Front and rear audio input. Compared with my logitech x530, the T20 has clearer details in treble than the middle and front speakers of X530, though they never match x530 with surround sound and subwoofer’s bass, which is the lower-end 5.1 speakers, and cheaper than T20. I think x530 has better overall effects and feelings. So if you like 2.0 setup or your space is limited, it’s a good choice for computer and mp3. Or you may consider setup a surround sound audio system.


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